Requirements for Assistance through Habitat for Humanity

A logistics executive, Howard Woodie McDuffie has spent much of the past decade devising strategies for the transloading of ethanol products at the Kenan Advantage Group. Howard Woodie McDuffie also supports a number of nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, an ecumenical Christian ministry that has built over 800,000 houses for people of all backgrounds.

Founded in 1976 by businessman and humanitarian Millard Fuller, Habitat for Humanity makes houses affordable through generous donations of land, materials, and labor. However, Habitat for Humanity does not simply give away houses. Prospective owners must make a down payment, usually of $500, and spend about 300 to 500 hours working on Habitat projects, whether their own houses or those of others. They also make mortgage payments, which the organization keeps affordable through the aforementioned donations.

The typical Habitat beneficiary, while earning less than half of the median income for his or her community, must be employed and be able to repay the mortgage on the property.